Cunnilingus; Communication, Distractions, Attitudes, and Techniques: Bare Brains Episode Seven

In Episode Two I played a tape that I had made in 1983, when I was 39. I had also made some tapes a couple of years earlier, in 1981, ostensibly about the art and science of cunnilingus. My thesis had been that one’s execution of the act reflected one’s entire philosophy and attitude toward life, so I had spent a lot of time talking about the kind of approach to life as a whole that was required.

I thought these tapes were lost years ago, but they surfaced a few months back, and in spite of the fact that I am barely recognizable as the same person, I found there was a lot in them that was still useful, some of which I had forgotten.

On the chance that someone else might find them useful—despite their antiquity—I decided to present them here, in all their raw, graphic, uncensored glory.

(In 1981 there was no World Wide Web, no ipods, and no podcasts. At the time, my thought was that these tapes would later be transcribed and printed, perhaps, so the audio quality only had to be good enough to be comprehensible. I used the cheapest cassette recorder and microphone I could find, and further abused the input by often recording at the beach, with waves crashing and various other background distractions. I have done my best to clean these up in Soundtrack Pro, with considerable improvement, but they are not studio quality. Also, I recorded on 90-minute cassettes—big mistake. The tapes seemed to have swelled; playing them back was a struggle.

I had—and have—no problem talking for 90 minutes at a stretch, but that makes for a huge file. I have tried to break them into manageable chunks, but the endings and beginnings may seem somewhat abrupt. It may be confusing unless you listen to them in order.)

You should not click on the link unless you are at least 18 years old.


The Lost Tapes, Part 1.mp3

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